Prospects are no longer listening to radio, reading the yellow pages or billboards. Instead they are glued to their phone 24/7! And when they’re on their phone they see our ads for your business.

Grow your business on autopilot! You do what you do best, and let us take away all the frustration of trying to bring in new clients each month.

We will NOT promote any direct competitor for your service in your town. As an approved partner we’ll only be working with You.

We place ads in front of the prospect who match the exact demographic & psychographic targeting or those likely to convert into the best, most profitable long-term clients for you.

If our campaign does not generate a promised number of targeted inquires each month our help is FREE and you don’t pay a cent.
When inquiries are generated you will receive a real-time email and text to let you know. You’ll be the ONLY business sent the lead.
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Mike Marin is a San Diego, California based digital marketing consultant that specializes in helping businesses find more customers online using online multi-channel marketing.

As the founder of Influence Digitally LLC, a global customer acquisition firm, he is widely recognized as a world authority on Customer Acquisition Strategies for entrepreneurs.

To date, more than 10,000 happy customers and clients have invested in Mike’s Training programs, from 32 different countries around the world.

His clients have been featured on the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest growing companies in the world.

Mike Marin, CEO
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What Others Are Saying...

“22,300 in 7 Days”

“In the last 2 weeks I have enrolled 4 new students to my program, which is $20,000 in SALES!!!”
“$4,500 Right Off The Bat and 1 out of 3 so far!…”


Most “Marketing Agencies” are generalist who promise the world but fail to deliver. They lock you into long contracts, don’t track results and make no guarantees of results. They aren’t invested in your success because they keep your money whether you win or lose. We think this is wrong.

We’re a “Marketing Partner” that specializes in one thing, using cutting-edge technology merged with time tested direct response marketing to generate red-hot prospects for your business, on demand, whenever you need.

If we accept you to become one of our partners, we guarantee your results every month. If we don’t deliver, then you don’t pay.
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